The Taree building, we now occupy has a long and interesting history. Through research we have found that it dates back as early as the 1850’s.

1853 – Early records show that a Mr Richard Windsor purchased land in 1853 (Section 2, 2, fronting Manchester Street).

1856 – There is a newspaper article that mentions the sale of Mr Windsor’s property, which includes plots in Tinonee and the Tinonee Hotel. No other information is available regarding the Tinonee Hotel. Furthermore, his death notice in 1859 mentions that he was a publican.

1867 – Mr Arthur Thomas Else applied for a license to sell alcohol in 1867 and it was granted in 1868. This hotel was known as the Freemason’s Hotel. Along with his brothers, William Henry Else and George Arthur Else, Arthur ran the hotel. His last license was obtained in 1882. As per the excerpt from the Tinonee Memories (1988), the hotel was then taken over by Mr William Dumbrell.

1884 – Records show that a Mr Michael Slattery obtained a license is 1884 -1888. However, the Tinonee Memories states that George Arthur Else ran it until the late 1880’s and closed in 1890.

1890 – It was then occupied by Mr Thomas Badger and his family. During that time, Mrs Elizabeth Ball (formerly of the Commercial Hotel, Tinonee) purchased the hotel. ‘She had the building thoroughly renovated and full improvements carried out to all stables and outsheds for the convenience to all the traveling public, no matter what hour of the night they arrived, they would receive every attention’ (Tinonee Memories, 1988).

1902 – According to the author of the Tinonee Memories, Mrs Ball applied for a publicans license in 1898. The earliest record of said license is 1903. At this time it was named The Royal Hotel. There is a newspaper clipping that dates it to 1903. She ran the hotel until her death is 1906. ‘She was ably assisted by her daughters, Miss Margaret Ann and Laura Maud Ball (the latter becoming Mrs Donald Fallowfield)’ (Tinonee Memories, 1988).

1906 – Mr Donald Fallowfield was the licensee from 1906-1911, however it was under the management Miss Margaret Ann Ball and her sister Mrs Donald Fallowfield (Laura).

1911 – The next licensee was Mr William Mooney until 1914.

1914 – The last publican was Mr George James Bird. The doors closed in 1919 after the introduction of the Hotel License Reduction Act.

1920 – Mr Bird had the building demolished and transported to its current site. There were 2 cottages constructed from the original building by Mr Tom Dunn for Mr Clarrie Davenport.

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